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Mercy Relief Opens Free Pharmacy in Yemen.

Mercy Relief Opens Free Pharmacy in Yemen.

Mercy Relief UK recently opened a free pharmacy in Al-Ta’awon Hospital in Taiz, Yemen.

The free pharmacy project is the second of its kind. This crucial project is essential to saving lives in Yemen.

We hope to ease the burden of unaffordable health care.

The people of Yemen are fighting cholera, dengue fever, malnutrition and now Covid-19. Their health care system has been crippled by the ongoing war. Majority of Yemenis, over 80% depend on humanitarian aid.

The country’s ministry of health also depends on foreign aid. Having a free pharmacy is indeed a great relief for patients who do not have access to basic health care. They will now receive free medicine.

Since 2008, We have been on the ground in Yemen providing much-needed relief and support to the population. In June 2020 we provided the isolation centre of Covid-19 patients in Aljomhori Hospital with a blood gas testing device (ABG) and opened wards for people who tested positive for Covid-19 in an effort to support hospitals.

We have also provided equipment and medications to hospitals. It will take years to rebuild infrastructure in Yemen when the war ends. We hope that until then, we can continue to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable citizens and save lives with the support of our donors.

To help us continue our life-saving projects in Yemen, please donate below.

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