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Mercy Relief launches a campaign to highlight Yemen’s contribution to the world.




Mercy Relief UK launches a campaign highlighting the beauty of Yemen and its contribution to popular culture. The campaign ‘ What we love about Yemen’ aims to show the rich culture of Yemen and invites people to share their affiliations with the country.


Over the last 6 years, Yemen has been going through a brutal conflict that has taken lives, displaced people and destroyed the country’s cultural heritage.


Yemen has been the face of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world two years in a row. Eerie images of destruction and the emaciated bodies of people, mostly children have dominated the news. A country ravaged by war.


Through this campaign, Mercy Relief aims to support and humanise the victims of the Yemen war, by bringing attention to the beauty and culture of Yemen, we want to showcase the rich heritage of the country.




Remind people that behind the shocking statistics and behind every image is a human being with heart, hopes, dreams and memories of a peaceful Yemen.


We intend to shed light on Yemen’s contribution from the delicious cuisines around the world to Islam, to world heritage and even everyday rituals like drinking coffee.


Join us on Instagram and Facebook and tell us what you love about this beautiful culture and its people.


We will be exploring Café culture, we will enjoy some Yemeni cuisine and take a look at the spread of Yemeni food around the world.


Last but most definitely not least. We will show our appreciation for the world-famous Yemeni warmth and hospitality. The welcoming nature of the people of Yemen.


So join us here at Mercy Relief UK as we celebrate Yemen, explore what our brothers and sisters have contributed to the world and the many ways we can give back and help them in their moment of need.


Find out more on the campaign here.
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