Bread Factory

With your help since Ramadan 2019 we provided regular fresh bread to over 28,160 people.

To continue running the bread factories in Yemen we need a consistent flour supply which relies on your generous donations.

£20 will provide enough bread to last a whole family for one month.

The lack of fuel and flour resources coupled with the crippling condition of the community infrastructure in Yemen have added to the severe need for basic food supplies.

If the situation continues to worsen, an additional 5.6 million people could be affected by famine in the coming months, causing the number of people in acute need of food to rise to 14 million. The situation is dire and things are getting worse each and every day.

Mercy Relief have devoted a vast majority its resources in developing and maintaining localised bread factories in the areas hardest hit by the consequences of war.

Our bread factories are setup to be completely self-manageable by members of the local community, and give the areas affected a sense of normality that they haven’t felt since the war began 5 years ago.

Bread is distributed directly from the bakeries to the families in need in a fair and efficient manner.


Please donate whatever you can to assist in the making of bread to feed our brothers and sisters in Yemen.

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