Bringing Hope To Struggling Families.

We help alleviate the suffering and hunger for the most forgotten families and individuals in Yemen.

Orphans Sponsorship

In every city in Yemen, there are children who do not have the loving support of a family. There are children whose only shelter is a piece of plastic sheeting or a cardboard box. There are children working in dangerous jobs for little or no pay.

Food Aid

With the ongoing conflict in Yemen – already one of the poorest countries in the region – thousands of lives have been lost and almost 18 million people have been left food insecure. A country crippled by conflict is sadly now on the brink of famine.


Yemen is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. In fact, some experts warn that it could be the first country to run out of usable water, and that this could occur within a decade. With your help, Mercy Relief will launch an emergency response to these dire humanitarian needs.


The World Health Organisation and UNICEF have now classed the crisis in Yemen as the worst cholera outbreak in the world. As a result, Mercy Relief is on the ground and providing emergency financial medical assistance to many people suspected of having contracted the disease.

Get Involved With Mercy Relief

From raising money to volunteering to making a donation, you can get involved in any way that suits you.
Be a part of our success mission to make a real change for those in need in Yemen today.