Yemen Is One Of The Most Water-Stressed Countries In The World.

With your help, Mercy Relief will launch an emergency response to these dire humanitarian needs.
It is expected that by the end of this water project, over 50,000 people will have access to a sufficient life saving clean water supply.

£10 Will Provide A Family With Water For One Month.

Due to the restrictions on fuel – essential for maintaining the water supply – combined with damage to pumps and sewage treatment facilities – there is now 14.4 million people that do not have access to safe drinking water or sanitation. This figure includes 8.2 million in acute need of water. People have been forced to rely on untreated water supplies and unprotected wells, placing them at risk of life threatening illnesses. An outbreak of cholera and acute watery diarrhoea was declared in October 2016. As of March 2017 a total of 22,181 suspected cases of cholera and 103 associated deaths have been reported.

Mercy Relief is supplying fresh clean water to affected areas. One water tank holds 50 barrels of water and costs only £250. This will supply 50 families at the very least with clean drinkable water.

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