Orphan Appeal

With your help, we sponsored over 300 orphans in 2019, but there are many more that need your support.

Sponsor an Orphan

Bread Factory

Our bread factories in Yemen are saving lives right now, but we need you to provide flour to keep them running.

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Water Appeal

We aim to provide over 300,000 people with water this year. Find out how you can help.

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Yemen Appeal

Fighting poverty in Yemen together.

Mercy Relief is a UK based charity that specialises in providing urgently needed aid to the families of Yemen. With your help, our Yemen appeal has funded and developed support infrastructures from the grass-root level in areas most affected by the ongoing war, allowing us to distribute food, medical aid, water and other life-saving resources to those most in need.

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Food aid for approx



Fresh water for approx



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Education for over



Yemen Water Appeal

Yemen is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world with approximately 75% of its population without regular drinking or bathing water.

We need your help to avert a further water crisis. Assist now, and donate to our Yemen water appeal.

£10 will provide a family in Yemen with water for one month.

Yemen Bread Appeal

Around 80% of the 29 million population in Yemen need urgent food aid.

Provide bread to crisis stricken families and help avoid further famine. Donate to our bread factory appeal, so we can keep providing food and avert further starvation.

£20 will provide life saving bread to last a whole family in Yemen for one month.

Get involved!

Join our volunteer program

From raising money for our Yemen appeals,  volunteering or making a donation, you can get involved in a way that suits you. Be a part of our  mission to make a real change for those in need in Yemen today.

There are many ways you can help. Use the links below to find out more.

Volunteer for Yemen appeal

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